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PatchWorks Films explores contemporary social issues through intimate character stories, and builds innovative partnerships for their use with educators, NGOs, and community partners. Their award-winning documentaries have been broadcast worldwide and shown at museums, libraries, schools, universities, community centers, street corners, conferences, and film festivals.

Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider founded PatchWorks in 1994. Their most recent feature, Speaking In Tongues aired on PBS, won the Audience Award at the San Francisco Film Festival, and is a catalyst for changing language education in public schools throughout the world. Their previous films include the ITVS-funded Born in the U.S.A., which aired on the PBS series Independent Lens, and was hailed as the “best film on childbirth” by the former director of maternal health at the World Health Organization.

About The Filmmakers
Husband and wife team, Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider founded PatchWorks Films in 1994 and have since made award-winning films for public television, film festivals, museums, community centers, public libraries, and educational institutions worldwide. Their collaborations include: the Kroll funded, THE RETURN OF SARAH'S DAUGHTERS (American Public Television), and BORN IN THE U.S.A. (Independent Lens, PBS) and several shorts. Their most recent project, SPEAKING IN TONGUES, (Audience Award, San Francisco International) played in festivals from Mumbai to Guangzhou, New York to San Francisco, and on PBS.

In addition to co-directing, co-producing, and editing PatchWorks' films, Schneider has edited 30 feature-length documentaries for other filmmakers that have been recognized by an Emmy, a Peabody, a Columbia-Dupont, an Indie Spirit, top awards at Sundance and other major festival awards, and been nominated for an Oscar and additional Emmys. Noteworthy projects include: SOFT VENGEANCE, HAVE YOU HEARD FROM JOHANNESBURG, A FIERCE GREEN FIRE, THE GOOD WAR AND THOSE WHO REFUSED TO FIGHT IT, RALPH ELLISON: AN AMERICAN JOURNEY, STORE WARS, SCHOOL COLORS, and BOLINAO 52.

Jarmel also consults with other social issue films on engagement and outreach issues independently and for Working Films.

Jarmel and Schneider have two sons and live in San Francisco. Their older son, Mica, is featured in Havana Curveball, their fourth feature documentary collaboration.