This film gives us a glimpse of the enormous gift a good school can bestow; the ability to experience the world from the viewpoint of a learner.
— Marilyn Chandler Schwartz, M.A., Formerly Director of Children’s Program, Child Study Center, UC Berkeley
A powerful little film. I’d like to use it to do an in-service with teachers….a joy to see children resolving their problems.
— James Cusack, M.S. Director, Sand Paths Academy, San Francisco
Talk less, that is the thing I learned the most, exactly that–avoid interrupting.
— Victor Menotti, father of an alum


Teachable moments for parents and preschoolers. 30 minutes.

Shot over the course of a school year, The Tricycle Solution portrays the daily experience of a cooperative preschool where parents are as much students as their children. The normal events and emotions of a preschoolers day—playing, creating, discovering, crying, fighting, and resolving disagreements—are seen in intimate detail, as the teacher, Effie Kuriloff, elucidates her provocative approach.

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