TO ORDER: Please choose the version of the DVD you want to purchase.

For colleges, school districts, universities, corporations, and other institutions.

For schools, nonprofits, public libraries, community groups, congregations, and independent professionals.

All educational sales are for non-commercial, non-broadcast use.
For inquiries about public performance rightstelecast or home video use, please contact us at:


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Why all the different versions?
You might have noticed we charge different prices to different kinds of users of our DVDs. Is this fair? We think so. Making films is very expensive and we rely on sales to recover the enormous costs of making each of our films. If you are just one person, it isn't fair to ask you to pay a large amount, so we keep the home use price low. On the other hand, if you are a large institution, it is likely that many more people will view the DVD over its lifespan, and the higher price reflects that. What if you have limited resources and can't afford the institutional price? Please feel welcome to contact us at We made these films to be seen and to help people.

PatchWorks can accept Purchase Orders, payment with credit cards, and checks.
For international orders, we require credit cards.

DVDs are leased for the life of the dvd. Once purchased, leased dvds are licensed for direct projection only by the acquiring institution or community group.

Public Screening rights are not included with DVD purchase; please write us at for such screening rights.

DVDs are not for resale. Contact for exceptions.

Expect delivery of DVDs within 2 weeks in the U.S., and within 3 weeks in other countries.

Preview Policy
You can have 10 days to review the film if you mention ‘order on approval,’ when you place your order. If you return the film, you will receive an invoice for a $20 preview charge.

Streaming Licenses
A PatchWorks Films Digital Local Streaming License grants a purchasing institution (the Licensee) the rights to encode digital streaming files in any file format from any DVD or VHS cassette already purchased from PatchWorks Films (or purchased at the same time as the license). For a period of 3 years from the purchase date, licensees may deliver the contents of these files via password-protected digital streaming only to registered students, accredited researchers, faculty and staff of that institution. Files may be used for in-class instruction, inclusion in course management software, library research, extracurricular activities, distance learning programs, public performances (provided admission is not charged) and any other activity directly administered by the licensing campus. Content of the files (the video program) may not be altered or edited in any way. The licensing institution must guarantee a password-protected environment without the ability of a user to download the program.

Licensees may not telecast, cablecast or deliver from any website open to the public any content licensed under this agreement nor may they lend, rent or donate any of the licensed content to another organization or campus for use in activities. Films licensed for institutional use may only be shared within any single, geographically unified campus, and with distance-learning classes and students who are enrolled by the Licensee for study conducted through that campus. Sharing of streamed PatchWorks Films content between two or more campuses, or with other institutions, or with individuals, classes or groups who are not specifically affiliated through employment or enrollment with the licensee is not permitted without the express authorization of Patchworks Films.

Pricing: 3-year self/local streaming licenses cost the same as the full, un-discounted price of a DVD licensed for your type of institution.

Hosted Streaming Services
All PatchWorks' films are available from Kanopy.

Broadcast and cablecast licensing is available for most titles. Please write us at for more information.

Public Performances
Public Screening rights are not included with DVD purchase; please write us at for such screening rights.

All films and DVDs are protected by United States copyright law. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, subleasing, television (broadcast, cable or close circuit), public screening, or commercial use (i.e., charging admission) is strictly prohibited without written consent from PATCHWORKS PRODUCTIONS.