The Tricycle Solution stands as a beacon of democracy, compassion, kindness, and the commons when darkness increasingly surrounds us.... Big people prejudicially assume they have the responsibility to pour stuff into incompetent children’s brains without taking a moment to admit the goal is to transfer responsibility to the children. How else can they learn to care for themselves, care for others, or care for the community?

You were perspicacious in making this timeless film. Effie remains influential; the story you tell in this little film transcends our lives, too.
— Tom Drummond, Early Childhood Education, Emeritus, North Seattle College
This film gives us a glimpse of the enormous gift a good school can bestow; the ability to experience the world from the viewpoint of a learner.
— Marilyn Chandler Schwartz, M.A., Formerly Director of Children’s Program, Child Study Center, UC Berkeley


Teachable moments for parents and preschoolers. 30 minutes.

Shot over the course of a school year, The Tricycle Solution portrays the daily experience of a cooperative preschool where parents are as much students as their children. The normal events and emotions of a preschoolers day—playing, creating, discovering, crying, fighting, and resolving disagreements—are seen in intimate detail, as the teacher, Effie Kuriloff, elucidates her provocative approach.

Available as a continuing education course for CEU credit or clock hours. For more information call 1-800-405-8942 or visit our page at Child Development Media.

For institutional streaming visit Kanopy.

A powerful little film. I’d like to use it to do an in-service with teachers….a joy to see children resolving their problems.
— James Cusack, M.S. Director, Sand Paths Academy, San Francisco
Talk less, that is the thing I learned the most, exactly that–avoid interrupting.
— Victor Menotti, father of an alum