Casineros take notice: WHEEL OF LIFE is here!


This way of dancing runs in my blood, through my veins... There is nothing like dancing in this world, it is the greatest thing there is." -- Joaquin Roche “El Oso” Rodríguez

When we first met El Oso (the Bear), one of the founders of Cuban Salsa -- Casino de Rueda, we knew he would light up the screen! Now you can meet him too, in our latest short, Wheel of Life.

Close to 70 years old and still on the dance floor, Oso's charisma and fancy footwork broke new ground for black dancers after the revolution, and helped launch a dance phenomenon around the world. In Wheel of Life, Oso guides us through his Havana, regaling us with tales of his youth ... tales from a time when Havana’s exclusive clubs were white only, forcing him and his circle of friends to dance on the streets. After rock n’ roll and the revolution intervene, Oso and his crew choreograph a new history still danced across the globe today.

We're happy to offer a special preview of Wheel of Life, available to stream right now through Dec. 15th! And, if you'd like your own DVD (or imagine its the perfect gift for a friend), we're offering a special pre-release copy for the holiday season.

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Enjoy & happy holidays.

Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider
PatchWorks Films