Cuba: The adventure begins

We are so excited ! In route to Havana with NYU Tisch School of the Arts students!


Day 1 in Cuba:
Flew with our excellent NYU students.
Met our 3 excellent Cuban students.
Editing system arrived safely.
Moved into our apartment.
Survived Habana' s first tornado in nearly 40 years.

Malecón, after the storm

Malecón, after the storm

Went with some of our NYU students to the opening of Inocencia, a Cuban feature. Had a good talk with director Alejandro Gil at a Cafe after the screening.


Ready for first day of school.
We are also restructuring our doc, Los Hermanos/The Brothers. Cuba is very inspiring!


Take a look at our Habana-based office in our Home in Naroca, the building in Thomas Guitiérrez Alea's classic film, Memorias de Subdesarrollo.


Havana students take an excellent 3-day intensive with Scott Bankert from NYU Tisch.

Took a break from Havana for a day of appreciation for the natural beauty of the island...

A beautiful concert with conductor Guido López-Gávilan, father of Ilmar Gavilan and Aldo Lopez Gavilan. Bach, "Cubanchero," (also featured in our film Los Hermanos/The Brothers), and an inventive piece by Guido, including cello-tapping and unusual and wonderful bowing sounds. Followed by a nice talk with Silvio Rodriguez about Guido's music, Silvio's upcoming concert, and Oakland.

Hard at work....

This view!

This view!