Our days in Cuba

A meeting of 2 masters of cinematography, our collaborators; a visit to EstudioSt, a local production company, breakfast on our terrace...

Another incredible week in Habana.
Concert 99 in Silvio Rodriguez' tour of Cuba's neighborhoods, this time in Regla, hit hard by the recent tornado.
The vote for the constitution.
Our students are editing their first short film.
And... I got the Dengue.

After all of your wonderful healing wishes, I have a new diagnosis- -a water-borne bacterial infection acquired from our blissful trip to the waterfall last month. It acts a lot like Dengue until it doesn't. The good news- -bacterial can be fought with antibiotics; 2 days into antibiotics and I am approaching myself. Hoping to get back to my students Friday. In the meantime Marcia has been killing it.

Bay Area: Los Hermanos in concert for the first time as a duo. Aldo López-Gavilán and Ilmar Gavilán in Concert at Jarvis Conservatory. Highly recommended music that will whet your appetite for the documentary to come.

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